Wedding Dress Trends for 2012

Wedding dress trends come and go, but if done correctly you can turn a trend into a timeless piece of beauty. The following are forecasted to be the trends for the 2012 wedding season:

  • Lace- My personal favorite. Lace is timeless and elegant, but also fun and flirty.

  • Details- ribbon, pearls, beading

  • Illusion Necklines

  • Lingerie-Inspired Bustiers

  • Optional Ornate Belts

  • Cap Sleeves

  • Flowers

  • Light Silk Fabrics

  • Crinkle Chiffon Skirts

  • Ruffles


It's All About The Color!

Choosing colors for your wedding day can be a tricky task for many brides. You may have been dreaming of a beautiful pink, fairytale wedding your whole life and then the moment that fairytale becomes a reality pink doesn't seem like the best choice for you and your groom... But don't worry, picking colors can also be the most enjoyable part of planning your special day!

Many brides don't realize how many different combinations you can use to make your wedding beautiful. You don't have to stick to two colors. Feel free to go wild and express your personality through multiple colors. Whether you want to use two, three or even four colors, the sky is the limit with your options. A big trend recently is to use chocolate brown and cream as accent colors paired with a fun color, such as a bright lime green or subtle ballerina pink.

When narrowing down different schemes, it is a good idea to look at different factors that could influence your potential color choices. Factors such as geography, venue and time of year play a big part in picking your colors.

It is also a great idea to look at the colors used in your every day life. Looking at the decorations in your house or the clothes in your closet can be a huge indicator of what colors you subconsciously favor. You may not think you like a certain color more than others, but then you look at your house and all of your decorations are green. If that's the case, you should probably incorporate green somewhere in your wedding.

While picking a color may seem like the most dire part of the pre-planning process, it can also be a lot of fun and a great creative experience. Just remember to have fun throughout the planning process and everything will turn out perfectly on your special day!