Sweetheat Tables

  • A Sweetheart Table is a great way to keep an intimate, sophisticated ambiance to your wedding. Here is some great inspiration from our Boca By Design team....


Baby Shower Ideas!

We love when our designers get creative with elements other than flowers. Here's a cute idea for a baby shower that involved stuffed animals. Does this say jungle theme to you?


March Wedding at the Boca Beach Club

We love when the weather is calm and sunny, the bride and groom are cheerful, and the flowers are in full bloom! Here are a few images from a wedding we did this past month at the Boca Beach Club. We couldn't be more happy for the beautiful couple!


Spring weddings

Now that spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner, a lot of our brides are lighting up their color pallet! Here is a picture of a wedding we did at the resort in April. We love the babys breath arch matched with pink and green florals!



Pretty in Pink

Wedding Date: April 7, 2012
Venue: Boca Beach Club

Philadelphia Love in South Florida

Wedding Date: March 24, 2012
This couple decided to bring some Philadelphia charm to their wedding at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. They used Philadelphia street names as their table names--we love this little touch of personalization!

 Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding!


         Elegant and timeless decor...


Simple Elegance

Wedding date: April 28, 2012
This gorgeous wedding took place in the Cathedral Room at the Boca Resort. It was the perfect mix of simplicity and elegance. We love the rose petals hanging from the chandelier!




Pop of Color

Wedding date: May 26, 2012
This wedding at The Addison was full of fun and bright colors! The end result was perfect and we are excited to share these photos with all of you.

Cathedral Wedding at the Boca Resort

Congratulations to the happy couple!
Wedding date: August 11, 2012
Photography: Munoz Photography


Beach Weddings in South Florida

Summer is here and it is the perfect time for a fun beach wedding in South Florida. So many of the wedding ceremonies we do at Boca by Design are on the beach, especially if it is a destination wedding. Your friends and family are flying in from all over to a beautiful location...why not incorporate our natural scenery into your big day? Here are some photos from a recent wedding we did on the beach. The ocean never gets old as a beautiful backdrop... Call us today to start planning your beach wedding.
561.447.5444 -- www.bocabydesign.com/
(Photo compliments of NEOART photography)


Lounges are the newest way to mingle!

LOUNGES are the newest way to mingle at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and other social events. Having the opportunity to set down at an event and have a fun conversation or even a heart-to-heart with a friend, colleague or family member is ideal within the lounge setting. We are finding more and more of our clients are booking lounges for their events. Young adults (bar/bat mitzvahs) groove on having their friends to hang out, eat, play games with each other. Adults are using the lounge environment to add that extra "coziness" to their adult affair! Not only can you have the traditional white leather sofas as shown, there are many beautiful colorful covers both in solids and prints to add that magical touch. Call Boca by Design today to offer the extra splash to your event! http://www.bocabydesign.com/


Wedding Dress Trends for 2012

Wedding dress trends come and go, but if done correctly you can turn a trend into a timeless piece of beauty. The following are forecasted to be the trends for the 2012 wedding season:

  • Lace- My personal favorite. Lace is timeless and elegant, but also fun and flirty.

  • Details- ribbon, pearls, beading

  • Illusion Necklines

  • Lingerie-Inspired Bustiers

  • Optional Ornate Belts

  • Cap Sleeves

  • Flowers

  • Light Silk Fabrics

  • Crinkle Chiffon Skirts

  • Ruffles


It's All About The Color!

Choosing colors for your wedding day can be a tricky task for many brides. You may have been dreaming of a beautiful pink, fairytale wedding your whole life and then the moment that fairytale becomes a reality pink doesn't seem like the best choice for you and your groom... But don't worry, picking colors can also be the most enjoyable part of planning your special day!

Many brides don't realize how many different combinations you can use to make your wedding beautiful. You don't have to stick to two colors. Feel free to go wild and express your personality through multiple colors. Whether you want to use two, three or even four colors, the sky is the limit with your options. A big trend recently is to use chocolate brown and cream as accent colors paired with a fun color, such as a bright lime green or subtle ballerina pink.

When narrowing down different schemes, it is a good idea to look at different factors that could influence your potential color choices. Factors such as geography, venue and time of year play a big part in picking your colors.

It is also a great idea to look at the colors used in your every day life. Looking at the decorations in your house or the clothes in your closet can be a huge indicator of what colors you subconsciously favor. You may not think you like a certain color more than others, but then you look at your house and all of your decorations are green. If that's the case, you should probably incorporate green somewhere in your wedding.

While picking a color may seem like the most dire part of the pre-planning process, it can also be a lot of fun and a great creative experience. Just remember to have fun throughout the planning process and everything will turn out perfectly on your special day!


The Perfect Flowers For Your Event

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding or celebration. Boca By Design's talented florists offer a wide variety of custom-made arrangements to make your day special.

Many flowers have different meanings that can relate to your special day:
Red & White Roses: Unity
Yellow Carnation: Cheerful
Calla Lily: Regal
Daisy: Innocence
Gardenia: Joy
Hibiscus/Orchid: Delicate Beauty
Hydrangea: Perseverance
Sunflower: Adoration

If you are having trouble deciding what flowers to use for your big day, set up an appointment with one of our specialized event planners today! Visit
http://www.bocabydesign.com/ or call us at 561-447-5057 for more information.


Wedding Renewal on 11/11/11

Our wonderful client decided that they wanted to renew their Wedding Vows on 11/11/11 at the Boca Beach Club. It was an evening filled with beautiful rose color energy with a setting fit for the abundance of romance & love. Our design team designed the perfect setting of intimacy & romance under the stars and tenting.
Having a small group but with an elegant setting, gave this couple the feeling of their wedding day but with a little more love in their hearts for each other. Everyone walked away at the end of the evening with such overflowing love for the couple. Boca by Design wishes them many more years of love.


How to decide Who to Invite to Your Wedding

Because so many other wedding-related decisions depend upon the number of guests, it is important to create your guest list early on.

First, sit down with your fiancé and discuss what general wedding size you envision. Do you prefer a cozy affair with only your nearest and dearest friends, or adore a huge party where every co-worker and distant relative is going to be included?
Then, write down a list of the people you definitely want to invite, and those you might include if you opt for a larger celebration. Don't forget to give each set of parents a certain number of guests to invite, but don't worry; you don't need to feel obligated to invite all your parents' friends, distant relatives, coworkers, and your friends' children to your wedding.
As you work on your guest list, keep in mind the following:
Traditionally, the guest list is divided equally between the bride and groom, but of course there's room for flexibility depending on the actual number of people each side of the family wishes to invite.
The general rule of thumb says to figure that only 80 percent of those invited will attend. However, don't count on it.
Sometimes one side of the family has a much larger guest list, for example if the wedding is being held in the bride's home town and the groom's family lives out of town.
If the bride's family is paying for the wedding and the groom's family wants to invite more guests than the original estimate included, the groom's family may offer to pay a proportional share of the reception expenses.
It is socially appropriate to invite an unmarried, unattached person without adding "and guest" to the invitation. It is not appropriate, however, to invite one-half of a married couple, one-half of a couple living together, or one-half of an engaged couple. If a single person is on the guest list and you know he or she is seeing someone seriously, it is thoughtful to invite both.
If you don't want children at the wedding or reception, don't invite them. A wedding invitation only requests the presence of the people whose names actually appear on the envelope. If guests ask if they can bring their kids, give a diplomatic answer, such as, "Unfortunately, we can only invite a specific number of guests and are at the limit." Then, be sure you don't allow any exceptions. Your friends who were turned down will be upset to see other people's children at the wedding (except for any children who are actually in the wedding party).
Think carefully about sending wedding invitations to people you know cannot attend. This can look like a solicitation for wedding gifts. If there are people you would like to inform about the wedding but you know cannot attend, you can send them a wedding announcement the day after the wedding. Of course, if there are people you know will not or cannot attend, but who might feel slighted if they did not receive an invitation, then by all means send one.
It's no surprise if you find yourself in the situation where there are more people to invite than the budget can accommodate. Your options are either prioritizing the list and removing guests, or scaling back on plans for your reception.
Cutting back on your list is never easy and it always comes down to a judgment call, balancing who in the family wanted the person invited and the closeness of the relationship. You should never be in a position of having to cut close friends from your guest list. If you find yourself having to do that, you might want to reconsider your design concept for the wedding reception (it may be too grand).
If you are fortunate enough to have unlimited resources (lucky you!), you might need to only make a few compromises to balance your budget, guest list, and vision for your wedding. However, it's good to remember that wedding planning is like marriage itself. It is all about learning to negotiate, compromise, and invent creative new strategies to find a happy medium that will please you both.



Boca By Design offers many different themes to include this royal event "Sir Addisons Court." This is a royal feast that transforms our guests to a medieval age of Chivalrous Knights and Fair Maidens. The Royal guests arrived to discover our Cathedral Ballroom with golden amber lighting, seating for over 200, very grand florgal candelabras with all the other accoutrements needed to make this royal event a spectacular regal event.
Photo by Munoz Photography.
Please visit our website at


Addison Show was a Sweet Delight!

The event was a sweet delight with over 400 attendees at the Annual Show held at The Addison Restaurant, Boca Raton. The theme was Sweet Delight and once again, Boca By Design, came through with a delicious evening with both visuals to the eye and yummy candies for the tummy! It was a smashing success to showcase our abilities with themes for Bar Mitzvahs and other sweet 16 parties. Everyone had a sweet and delightful time!



BOCA BY DESIGN was part of the annual The Florida Wedding Show that was held last week at Broken Sound Country Club. Elegance and splendor were in the air! Attendance was great! We were delighted to be part of this annual tradition to offer brides- to-be beautiful linens, fabrics, lighting, entertainment, and of course flowers!


Join us at The Addison

Come Celebrate Life’s Sweetest Moments with Boca by Design at the Addison Showcase on Monday, October 17th 5:00PM-9PM
You are cordially invited to enjoy The Addison’s decadent desserts, magnificent ambiance and complimentary cocktails.
Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and Quince’s are just some of life’s special moments that deserve the grandeur of this 1920’s estate.
Create your story book event with the assistance of our preferred Vendors and Event Planners!
Please RSVP 561-372-0568 $5.00 donation
All donations will be given to Wish Upon a Wedding



Make your wedding even more memorable by launching a pair or more of white doves to commemorate your very special day!!!!!! Be the first one of your girlfriends to make white doves a very special part of the ceremony. As you launch a new life with your husband, lets launch these beautiful doves. Call Boca by Design for your favorite florals, entertainment, flowers, decor, lighting and transportation needs!!!!


Instead of sitting down and passively consuming whatever is placed on the table, or grabbing a few passed hors d’oeuvres from whichever trays pass by, more and more often event guests are actively participating in their meals.

Catering chefs are emerging from the kitchen—or wherever they’ve been tucked away to prep the food—to let guests observe the cooking. Or they’re opening up the work space and inviting attendees to join in choosing ingredients and flavor enhancements.

Two of the buzzwords are customization and interactivity, and the point is to integrate the catering into the experience, to give food-crazy guests a chance to try something new. Make-your-own stations now go beyond salads and sundaes to all kinds of drinks, desserts, and entrées.

While often these changes mean putting a more prominent spotlight on the food, the movement away from long, seated dinners or static buffet stations can also allow attendees to focus on the point of the gathering. They can get up and mingle with each other instead of being stuck at a table for two hours. Or they can try out a new product, chat with a business contact, or listen to a presentation while the food comes to them, in waves of small plates passed in courses, or wheeled to them on carts.
With this increased interaction comes more menu choices and innovative presentation styles. Here’s a look at the newest interactive and hands-on approaches from caterers and venues looking to get guests involved with their food.