Personals... Bouquet and Boutonnieres!

Of course, one of the most important floral needs for a bride is her bridal bouquet. The bouquet is one of the most detailed and personal items in the wedding. Some brides choose to tie in nostalgic and traditional items to their bouquet, such as fabric from their dress, fabric from their mom or grandmother's wedding dresses, lockets, hankies, broches, etc. We've had a bride attach delicate lockets with pictures of their beloved grandmothers on their bouquet or a beautiful broche that belonged to a family member that is no longer with them. Many brides will take left over material or lace from their dress to embellish the stems, which makes a very complimentary treatment. Along with the bouquet, it's important that the bride and groom compliment each other, which looks best in pictures. We always suggest the groom's boutonniere to have a flower from the bride's bouquet to make certain they make a smashing couple throughout the entire day. Separately, we encourage the bridesmaids bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres to also compliment each other...

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