Prom Flowers

Prom is approaching. Contact us to make your
date's corsage the talk of the dance!

We have an expanded collection of prom flowers
ranging from elegant and sophisticated to flirty and sassy.
There's something for every taste here.

Let her wear rings on her fingers... and fresh flowers on her toes.
Newest trend this prom is to accessorize your strappy sandals!

Call Boca by Design to order your corsage today!
561-447-5590 or email us at info@bocabydesign.com

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Prom Dress said...

Prom Corsage

Personally, I really like the short vs long Prom dress choice. It's so much more fun. You do not have to carry around under your dress all night while you navigate stairs, dance floor, and stand up and sit down. Plus you get to show off your legs! Short prom dresses are also almost always a little bit expensive so it is good if you are on a budget! Considering the less predictable dress for prom . Usually go to Prom.